Never mix business with friendship quotes

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never mix business with friendship quotes

Relationships 101 Quotes (187 quotes)

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Published 14.10.2019

Competition in Business -- Does Mixing Business with Friends Work?

I have heard it said on the net that you should not become friends with people with whom you do business. I say, "Why not? Because business should be business and there is no room for making friends and socializing.

10 quotes that show why friendship is the most important thing in business

Available everywhere books are sold. You have gifts to share with the world and my job is to help you get them out there. Goodness, gracious great balls of LIVE! In fact, the team stayed on an extra day to soak in the good vibes and celebrate our biggest and most successful event yet! I love all the people I work with so much that I consider them friends in addition to business colleagues. Which can bring up an important question: are friends, business and competition a deadly combination? We all learn our craft somewhere, and many times we learn it from a mentor, who is also a friend.

I know I was a great friend to Tiger Woods. But when you have a relationship that's involves business and friendship - and the business part comes to an end - things always get a little blurry. Votes: 3. During the s, Aristotle Onassis and I formed what grew to be a close friendship and association in several business ventures. Votes: 1. I learned from Mr. Wrigley, early in my career, that loyalty wins and it creates friendships.


With the rapid increase in the globalization and demand for the heavy socialization, the workstations have been affected to a greater extent. This occurs when you get to mix with people or get friendly with your colleagues too much than necessary. This can be considered as a good thing but as it is said, preference should be given to the negative side i. Business and office is one part of life whereas socialization is another. Mixing them together can bring high discord in your daily life.

Yes -- stolen from Sprint. But every entrepreneur I know has to face it head on: the dilemma of how to mix their business with friends and family. Listen -- it makes sense to work with those we like and trust, and there is no better fit than our friends and family. But how do smart entrepreneurs have "framily " as employees, investors and partners -- and still remain civil at Thanksgiving dinner? Enter the most family and friends oriented company I know -- Infusionsoft. Treacherous from the start because he founded Infusionsoft with his brother-in-laws Scott and Eric Martineau -- take his wisdom to heart as he lays out his six must-follow tips on how to succeed with "framily " :. Smart entrepreneurs lay down the law right from the start: the relationship comes first.

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  1. Because its a great way to ruin a friendship. Being friends with someone is a lot different than building something together. Working side by.

  2. By Terri Seymour. I have heard it said on the net that you should not become friends with people with whom you do business. I say, "Why not?" Building personal.

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