Novels with puzzles in them

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novels with puzzles in them

Popular Mystery Puzzle Books

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Published 15.10.2019

Word Puzzles for Mystery Lovers

10 Books That Puzzle the Reader

If you ever do. Add to Bag. Using the way rules define experience and how communication actually functions as a starting point, Hofstadter takes you on a breathtaking intellectual ride through music, math, and visual art. Along the way he pauses to dawdle over clever wordplay, acrostics, and codes. On top of that, a long list of actual riddles and puzzles are melded seamlessly with the narrative.

It was so FUN.
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New PM! Discussion Poll Private Message. Puzzle Novels. My junior year in college, i took an honors seminar called "The Puzzle Novel. Sometimes the structure of the books is as much the puzzle as the content--none of them are straightforward whodunits, and the puzzles they contain are almost never totally revealed. I've done some searching on the web, but haven't found much.

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  1. And it might seem equally eccentric to re-read a mystery novel, especially if you read it so recently that you still clearly remember the solution to the mystery.

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