Words that start with cess

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words that start with cess

Cess: A Spokening by Gordon Lish

A list. What could be more basic than a list? And a list by Lish is sure to intrigue. In this, Lish’s latest work, he delivers a characteristic exhibition of his peculiar deformities of candor, obsession, and wit, via two extended “notes” to the reader, including a pages-long list of essential but perplexing words. Amidst this stream of apparent incongruities, the alert reader will discover an accruing narrative involving the narrator’s late, beloved Aunt Adele—a medal-bedecked spy for the National Reconnaissance Office—and cryptography, love, poetry, and of course: the nature of language.
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Gordon Lish

List of words that start with CESS

Cess is an interesting little word, used in Scotland , Ireland , and many counties in England from the border to Sussex and Somerset. It means a rate, tax; generally a local tax. Grose recorded the word in Ireland in In Durham at the present time it is common to hear people speak of paying their rates and cesses. The word is found in the compounds cess-collector; cess-gatherer, a tax collector, and cess-payer, a rate-payer.

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In English law, one who is dilatory, negligent, and delinquent in his duty or service, and who thereby incurred the danger of the law, and was liable to have the writ of cessavit brought against him. A writ given by statute to recover lands when the tenant has for two years failed to perform the conditions of his tenure. The concept, amongst most Christians, that the works of the Holy Spirit speaking in tongues, prophecy, healing, and miracles ceased at some point in history.
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Cede and cease exist as independent words, but this group of roots flourishes particularly in combination with prefixes. As is usual for words with Latin origins, some of these combinations have followed more easily traceable routes than others in their progress towards modern English. Among the most transparent are the combinations with pre- before : the verb precede , the nouns precedent and precedence , and the adjective preceding. Procession retains the meaning of physical movement forwards, while process and procedure , for example, contain the sense of a sequence of events advancing during a period of time. The prefix ex- in exceed , exceedingly , excess and excessive means out and, by extension, beyond , and these words all have meanings connected with going beyond what is expected, necessary, acceptable, etc. The adjective deceased is a formal alternative to dead , and the noun the deceased means a dead person or dead people.

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