Getting started with clicker training

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getting started with clicker training

Getting Started: Clicker Training for Dogs by Karen Pryor

From the author of Dont Shoot the Dog!, this book & two SitStay clickers are a must have for those learning clicker training. Clicker training is not about the clicker or about the food. It is about the reinforcement presented with correct timing in such a way that information is communicated between trainer & pet. Together you and the dog will learn a new way of interacting. We have used this method with one of our dogs to rapidly teach her how to ring a bell and to touch anything we ask her to touch. This newest version includes photographs that illustrate the training exercises. Contents: Clicker Training for Dogs (book), two SitStay clickers (Copyright 2005, Paperback, 100 pages, 5 1/4 inches x 8 1/4 inches)
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Dog Training 101: How to Train ANY DOG the Basics

Clicker training is a terrific, science-based way to communicate with your pet.
Karen Pryor

Getting Started: Clicker Training for Dogs New Edition!

No dog should go without this information. A few more began attending seminars to learn how operant conditioning could be applied in dog training as successfully as it had been in marine mammal training. To assist the trainers who came to her popular seminars, and those who could not attend, Karen Pryor wrote a small manual explaining the basic principles of clicker training. Accessible, fun to read, and containing all you needed to know to get started, that little book, A Dog and a Dolphin , launched thousands of dog lovers into the world of clicker training. Through several editions, and a name change to Getting Started: Clicker Training for Dogs , this classic has served up just the right portion of science and practical tips for anyone to understand why clicker training works so well, and the first steps to building a new system of communication and deeper bond with their dog. Now, this powerful little book has become more helpful than ever in a new edition packed with step-by-step photographs of dogs and their handlers, clearly showing each stage of:.

Stacy Braslau-Schneck, MA. These tips will help you get started on your own. To find an instructor near you, click here. Click the clicker once in-out and give your dog a treat press on the end of the metal tab that does not have the dimple. Hint: Use something your dog really likes at first. Small pieces of yummy food dog cookies, hot dogs, cheese are best because the dog can enjoy it and be ready for the next thing quickly.

Being able to mark the exact moment my dog does the right thing with a clicker has worked wonders, it makes dog training so much easier. And the best part is getting started with clicker training is inexpensive and easy to do. A clicker can be that ace up your sleeve when it comes to teaching your dog what you want from him. Clickers are little plastic boxes you hold in your hand, you press down on the metal tongue to make the clicking noise. When training your dog the idea is to click at the exact moment they perform the desired action. The benefits of clicker training include:.

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Clicker training is the fastest way to develop a shared language with your dog. We use the clicker to mark positive behaviours, so your dog can begin to understand when they are performing the right action. Be prepared — have your clicker and food pouch ready, and put your dog on a lead in an enclosed space such as your living room. Clear purpose -have a clear plan on what behaviours you want to train in this session, e. Lure — prompt the behaviours you want.

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