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up with steve kornacki ratings

The Red and the Blue: The 1990s and the Birth of Political Tribalism by Steve Kornacki

17 Hours and 27 Minutes

From MSNBC correspondent Steve Kornacki, a lively and sweeping history of the 1990s—one that brings critical new understanding to our current political landscape.

In The Red and the Blue, cable news star and acclaimed journalist Steve Kornacki follows the twin paths of Bill Clinton and Newt Gingrich, two larger-than-life politicians who exploited the weakened structure of their respective parties to attain the highest offices. For Clinton, that meant contorting himself around the various factions of the Democratic party to win the presidency. Gingrich employed a scorched-earth strategy to upend the permanent Republican minority in the House, making him Speaker. 

The Clinton/Gingrich battles were bare-knuckled brawls that brought about massive policy shifts and high-stakes showdowns—their collisions had far-reaching political consequences. But the ’90s were not just about them.  Kornacki writes about Mario Cuomo’s stubborn presence around Clinton’s 1992 campaign; Hillary Clinton’s star turn during the 1998 midterms, seeding the idea for her own candidacy; Ross Perot’s wild run in 1992 that inspired him to launch the Reform Party, giving Donald Trump his first taste of electoral politics in 1999; and many others. 

With novelistic prose and a clear sense of history, Steve Kornacki masterfully weaves together the various elements of this rambunctious and hugely impactful era in American history, whose effects set the stage for our current political landscape.
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Per its ensemble format, all four hosts appear on every show, with each host taking turns to facilitate the discussions. The program debuted on June 25, , and ran until July 31, The Cycle was an ensemble program, with all four hosts appearing on every broadcast, each one taking turns to facilitating the discussion. The format was similar to The Five on rival news network Fox News , although the hosts and producers have denied that The Cycle is derivative. The show premiered on June 25,

Trump impeachment inquiry: Full coverage. For President Donald Trump, it may prove to be the bounce that never comes. On the afternoon of March 24, the news broke that special counsel Robert Mueller had found no collusion between Trump's campaign and the Russians — a moment for which the president and his allies had been waiting almost two years. But a week later, Trump's average approval rating, according to the Real Clear Politics tracker, had climbed a grand total of one-tenth of one percentage point — to The complete Mueller report has yet to be made public, and the summary from Attorney General William Barr did note that Trump had not been exonerated on the issue of obstruction of justice. Plus, The New York Times reported Wednesday night that some Mueller team members may be dissatisfied with Barr's characterization of the report, and NBC News published a story on Thursday reporting that some members of Mueller's team believe "the evidence that Trump sought to impede the investigation is stronger than Barr suggested.

With Steve Kornacki, Raul A. Reyes, Jonathan Capehart, Christina Bellantoni. Weekend news and opinion show featuring news makers and journalists.
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And when MSNBC finally began shedding shows over the summer as part of an effort to rebrand as a straightforward news channel, Hayes was seen as a certain casualty. The reports weren't wrong. Hayes show, which launched in , was ratings averse from the get-go, and has set record lows for the 8 pm hour -- one of the most coveted and competitive hours in cable news. In the most recent quarter, it averaged just , viewers in the demo, a distant third behind Fox News and CNN. Lack hasn't stopped looking for a replacement. The problem is that, in television, good hosts are a rare commodity. In the Venn diagram of cable news talent, the overlap between personalities who can successfully host a show and those who want to is thin.

But not if he has to fly there. The revelry continued until 1 a. Kornacki is still nursing a hangover when we meet for dinner at a Midtown pub the next day. When you spend your week furiously mapping out a newscast only to wake up at a. A lifelong politics wonk, Kornacki inherited the early morning slot from Chris Hayes, another bright young thing on a roll, a little over a year ago. Hayes made the show a hit in the hinterlands of weekend morning television, especially among the kind of millennial viewers who make advertisers drool.

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