Connecting with an old friend

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connecting with an old friend

Old Friends Quotes (30 quotes)

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Published 16.10.2019

Weekly mission: Connect with an old friend

For a while now I have been thinking about the way people come in and out of our lives. When we experience a devastating loss, many dominos can fall.

Hey Old Friend: reconnecting with people who matter

But here at GirlFriendCircles, we don't want that regret! We know that our relationships are investments-- and that we have to stay in touch with some of those people we've developed the most frientimacy with in order to keep the benefits feeling supportive, safe, and satisfying. Huge thanks to GFC member and rock star counselor, Tricia Andor, for sharing her story as encouragement to us all! May we each take the time to reach out to a friendship that matters! After our conversation, a delightful little thought started percolating. It would be great to connect in person. Dawn should come out this weekend for a visit!

A lot of people feel it's awkward and a little nerve racking to try to get back in touch with a friend they haven't spoken to in a while. What often happens is someone will want to drop an old buddy a line, but then they'll think, "It will be so weird contacting them out of nowhere. How will they react to it? Will they wonder why I'm writing them now? What if we don't have anything to say to each other? But then a few months later when they're mulling over the idea again they'll think, "Well now it's been even longer since we last spoke. It will seem extra inappropriate and random to contact them.

Friends are there to teach us about how other people work — they are our window to the world outside ourselves and our family life. They introduce us to the diversity of human nature as well as teach us how difficult it can be to get along. Friends serve a very important role in our development as individuals. They also function as a support team when life gets a bit overwhelming — which, at one point or another, it always does. As we grow older, we create new friendships and allow older ones to die out. There are, however, several reasons we should reconnect with our roots and reach out to those who once were a fundamental part of our lives.

There's no special trick to getting back in touch

Reconnecting with someone from your past can be an experience that's exciting, nostalgic, harrowing, and heartwarming — often, all at the same time. If you've decided to take the plunge and reach out to an old friend, knowing where to look and what to do once you've found this person can save you lots of time and decrease the possibility of an awkward reunion. He graduated from the American School of Professional Psychology in Categories: Forming Friendships Friends. How to Reconnect With Old Friends.

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  1. Navigating how to reconnect with an old friend can be tricky, but it's . Who doesn't want to connect with the people that make us happy.

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