What does being filled with the holy spirit feel like

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what does being filled with the holy spirit feel like

How to Be Filled with the Holy Spirit by A.W. Tozer

Pretty much the how to be filled with the Spirit is to be completely surrendered; dying to all self-interest, all desire for pleasure and becoming 100% obedient to all Jesus commands. After this, if one is completely willing to be slave, a puppet that places the stings into Gods hands and truly desires to Spirit, all one needs to do is merely ask God to be filled. Of course you need to understand correct doctrine of how the Spirit is a person and a member of the Godhead and be full of faith. But yeah, get all of this right and you just need to ask and BAM!!!! God WILL absolutely, certainly and without exception fill you with the Holy Ghost!
If only... the formula... worked... or maybe it does and the reason God so rarely fills people with his Spirit is because no one is ever able to meet the impossibly high conditions of 100% surrender, self-denial and total obedience. Id think if we could be filled with the Holy Spirit maybe wed have the supernatural ability to be 100% surrendered and totally obedient, but it doesnt appear anyone has chance since we have to first reach this state of perfection, before God will give His Spirit. Shucks...
Or maybe, we are just to do our best, be as surrendered as we consciously can be, delude ourselves as far as possible that we have no self-interest or love for pleasure, and then ask. Well, I can recall many years ago before becoming jaded, when I did sincerely desire God, wanted to be completely surrendered and obedient, but Id ask and nothing... Some would say, we are just to believe we are filled when with no evidence of this being so. If we remain just as weak as previous and we feel no different, we are just to blindly believe we are filled with the holy ghost. This all makes a much sense as believing that i am full when i am hungry, and when this doesnt make me feel less hungry, just believing harder. Maybe my confidence that I am full will become stronger than the hunger pangs! But Ive never been good with these mind games when it comes to food or the Holy Spirit.
Many years i plead, I believed, I begged, I hoped and nothing.... after hope deterred made my heart sick and faith slowly eroded away, it has become quite hard to ratchet up enough willpower and trust in God to start over again. Many years ago, i was much closer to meeting the conditions Tozer talks about, and the formula didnt work, God wouldnt budge. Now i am hopeless fair from meeting the conditions and havent the faintest notion of how I could. My only hope is that God uncharacteristically would show some mercy and grace and offer an utter wretch like me the ability to obey and love Him. If only hed awaken my spirit again, allowing me to feel his life so the things of earth become empty in comparison. Every now and then I find there still is a spark of hope left. Hope that just maybe the Heavenly Father would actually act almost as beneficently as my earthly father. This spark is fading, but I hope it doesnt completely.
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The 8 Different Ways the Holy Spirit Will Use to Communicate to Us

September 13, by Peg. It talks a good deal about what the Spirit inspires people to do, such as prophesying or preaching, but the spotlight always falls on the Spirit-inspired actions and not on the Spirit Himself. Having said that, I think the question is still answer-able — partly from scripture, and partly from the experience of believers. All these things come from God and when the Spirit makes His presence known we usually feel at least some of these things in some way or another. The Spirit is, truly and literally, God within us. Every believer receives the Holy Spirit when becoming a Christian, and always has the Spirit in him or her whether His presence is felt or not. The Spirit gives a deeper, more meaningful life in every sense of the word.

It seems many people are curious about Him. The Holy Spirit is a mysterious and powerful entity. The disciples saw flames settle over their heads and spoke in foreign tongues. And that tradition continues in many churches. People under the power of the Spirit have seen visions, heard heavenly voices , prophesied, danced, spoken in tongues, received miraculous healing, and overcome addiction. When Jesus came, he was God with us. The Holy Spirit, however, is God in us.

I have felt the presence of the Holy Spirit many times it feels like you are covered with an air pocket that is sort of swirling gently around your.
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2. The Word of God

Now I will list the 8 different ways that the Holy Spirit will lead us and communicate to us in this life. So you can have all of them right at the top of this section, I will go ahead and list all of them in a bolded, numbered format so you can have all of them at a quick glance. Again, I know some people freak out once you attempt to step into this kind of supernatural realm with the Holy Spirit.

Signing up agrees to our terms of use. Our perception of power is often cultivated by the world before we ever walk in the freedom of Christ. The world teaches us that our measure of power is heavily tied to the outcome. I spent many of my early years as a believer hearing about how more mature Christians had a supernatural encounter with the Holy Spirit. With a child-like wonder, I decided that someday I would reach that level of Christianity too. Needless to say, it never came. I prayed, questioned, and even begged God to fill me in the way he filled the 3, believers at Pentecost, but I never felt overtaken by the Spirit.

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