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best criminal advocate in south africa

Criminal Law Quotes (15 quotes)

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Published 26.10.2019

Judge vs advocate courtroom row

Big Five (law firms) in South Africa

The Big Five law firms is a term informally used in South Africa to refer to those law firms which, collectively, are perceived to be the leading law firms based in South Africa. The following firms are usually seen as comprising the "Big Five" listed alphabetically : [ discuss ] [1] [2] [3]. Chambers and Partners Global Rankings of the number of lawyers recognised as leaders in their respective fields. Firms with more than 50 attorneys are generally viewed as midsize law firms. Note 2 : Routledge Modise was formerly part of Eversheds from to From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Retrieved 4 March

Advocates appear in most major cases in South African courts. Advocates appear in appeals in all superior courts in South Africa. They also appear in trials and applications in the High Courts and other superior courts situated in the 9 provinces in South Africa. In addition advocates appear in arbitrations which include commercial, building, engineering and employment arbitrations. Advocates are also instructed to provide written or oral opinions on matters involving Southern African Law. Where advocates are engaged in South African courts, they are instructed by attorneys.

Advocates Group 21 was established in and is conveniently situated in central Sandton — the financial hub of South Africa. Its membership comprises of approximately advocates, with an appropriate ratio of junior advocates and senior advocates. Each advocate within Group 21 practices as an individual advocate, but also as a member of a greater independent association, the Johannesburg Bar. Each advocate member of Advocates Group 21 subscribes to the code of ethical conduct for the legal practice of an advocate. As an individual advocate, each is committed to the highest standards of a professional legal practice and the maintenance of an effective and independent judiciary. Advocates Group 21 is equally committed to transformation initiatives internally, as well as at the Johannesburg Bar generally, to make certain that the practice of an advocate remains highly esteemed and legitimate.

The Value of Independence

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